Automobile Industry Has Much to Gain from Mobile Payments

Automobile Industry Has Much to Gain from Mobile PaymentsMobile payments have the automobile industry revving their engines for an entirely new way to get paid and make the most of today’s most convenient portable technologies.

Notwithstanding the slower than expected growth observed this year, proximity mobile payments will still top $1 billion in the United States for 2013, according to the latest figures from eMarketer.

This year’s milestone is the anticipated precursor to mobile payments reaching $58 billion by 2017.

eMarketer defines mobile payments as transactions for goods or services made by scanning, tapping, swiping or checking in with a mobile phone at the point of sale. Often characterized as a proximity or contactless payment, mobile payments occur in real time in the real world, and are functionally different than mobile commerce—the purchase of digital or physical goods on a mobile device.

For many workers in the automotive world, the need for speed is crucial, reads a recent post on the PayAnywhere blog.

From small business mechanics to valets working at the Hilton, servicing customers as efficiently and effectively as possible can be the deciding factor between a bad Yelp review and a returning customer.

“Valets, mechanics and drivers will never have to slow their roll to make a payment again. Swipe your card, sign your name and you’re off! Vroom, vroom!” the post adds, citing its PayAnywhere solution as being optimal for easy-to-use mobile credit card processing.

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