Australian Online Advertising Shows 33 Percent YOY Surge in September

Australian Online Advertising Shows 33 Percent YOY Surge in SeptemberAustralian online advertising is going like gangbusters.

The news is that it delivered a 33 percent year over year growth spurt for the quarter ending September 30, 2015.

The total was $1.565 million for the quarter, according to a recent Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia/PWC “Online Advertising Expenditure Report.”

The leading sector? General Display advertising, according to the data, with 53 percent year on year growth. Classifieds grew 28 percent; Search & Directories grew 21 percent.

Mobile was a big part of the picture.

“Mobile advertising expenditure increased to $418.9 billion in the September quarter 2015, with 55 percent mobile advertising expenditure attributed to mobile display and 45 percent to mobile search,” a report summary shared with MMW reads. “Smartphones now hold 67 percent of the device category share and tablets (are) at 33 percent.”

“In a time when other advertising mediums are challenged, there is no doubt that consumers adoption of interactive screens is driving advertiser optimism and thus interactive ad budget growth,” said Alice Manners, the CEO of IAB Australia. “These report figures definitively cement interactive advertising’s position as the largest ad segment in the Australian marketplace and confirm marketers’ confidence in using digital to reach consumers.”