Australia Figuring Out How To Master Mobile Marketing

Australia Figuring Out How To Master Mobile MarketingAustralia’s innovative marketing is celebrated around the world. In fact, many Australian brands have won prestigious awards in all areas of online, off-line, and mobile marketing throughout Asia-Pacific.

With the current rate at which mobile web browsing is increasing throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, and even around the globe, many Australian brands are searching for ways to remain industry leaders in the advertising arena.

Currently, Australia’s Marketing Magazine reports, Australian publishers are seeing more than 50% of their traffic coming from mobile devices. It is for this reason that nearly 70% of Australian marketers have integrated mobile marketing into their advertising campaigns, and 56% have created a specific mobile marketing team, which is an increase of 23% from 2014.

One of the biggest challenges advertisers face, not just in Australia but around the globe, is that mobile marketing is still constantly evolving. Social media also plays a vital role in mobile marketing, but even social platforms are constantly offering new methods of mobile marketing. The second challenge is how to accurately target consumers on mobile devices.

“Mobile technology is constantly changing with both big and small developments impacting the mobile marketing industry,” says Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director of the Mobile Marketing Association for Asia Pacific. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is an example of a trend that could revolutionize the way we market brands. Data generated by mobile devices in the IoT could give us further insights into consumer trends and behaviors and open the door to more targeted marketing, in real time. These developments should continuously challenge us and it’s time for marketers to embrace mobile fully – risks included!”