Augmently Inc. Helps Bring Ford’s Sustainable Fleet to Life at MPTF Pre Emmy Gala

The 11th annual Evening Before event, held in September of 2017, celebrated the television industry’s premier talent in support of The Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF).

In addition to premiere talent, the event included top companies who produced creative activations for guests to enjoy during the event, including Ford Motor Company.

MMW has learned that Ford Motor Company and Augmently Inc. teamed up to creatively highlight augmented reality’s singular ability to showcase brands in unique and interesting ways.

Ford challenged Augmently Inc. to create an activation that would educate and introduce the esteemed guests to the venerable automaker’s substantial sustainable vehicle line.

The result was an impressive AR marketing success that even managed to create hype in a town already buzzing in anticipation of TV’s biggest night.

To pull it off, Augmently Inc. conceptualized a “Ford Tattoo Parlor” to showcase Ford Hybrid Electric Vehicles in an environment that looked and felt exactly like a pro ink shop.

Augmently Inc. crafted five unique temporary tattoo designs, one to symbolize each of the five sustainable vehicles in Ford’s EV fleet. The tattoos featured butterflies, a green earth, daisies and other imagery symbolic of sustainability and eco-friendly automotive engineering.

Once a guest selected their design of choice, the tattoo artist helming the shop would tell them about Ford’s electric vehicles while applying the temporary tattoo that led to what would surely become a permanent memory.

With the tattoo in place, the AR portion of the experience began as Ford’s tattoo artist waved an iPad over the design, making it come to life straight off the skin.

Each unique AR experience was recorded and emailed to the tattoo recipient as a sharable video.

To see how it all came together, check out this exclusive look at the AR experience shared below.

By the admission of many in attendance, the AR tattoo booth was among the most unforgettable experiences of Emmy’s weekend.

“We’ve had this concept for an AR event for over a year and a half,” says Augmently Inc. Founder and CEO Ziggy Kormandel. “When we connected with the Ford team, I knew it was a perfect match. And the lingering buzz is bound to inspire more brands to put skin in the game of augmented reality.”