Augme Technologies Touts Hipcricket Milestone

Augme Technologies on Wednesday began boasting about the latest milestone of its mobile marketing and advertising subsidiary Hipcricket.

Hipcricket has surpassed the 225,000 mark for completed mobile marketing and mobile advertising campaigns.

By completing 29,000 campaigns in the second quarter of fiscal 2013 ended August 31, 2012, the company reached the highest quarterly total in its history, maintaining an industry leadership position in this key metric.

Among the individual achievements highlighted were:

  • 38 percent more advertising campaigns compared to Q1 2013; the Q2 2013 total was a company high for a quarter
  • Revenue totaled $6.2 million, compared to $5.1 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2013 ended May 31, 2012, a 22 percent increase

“Clients are succeeding in driving sales, engagement, and loyalty through Hipcricket’s mobile marketing and mobile advertising solutions,” says Doug Stovall, Hipcricket Executive Vice President. “This has led to an increase in activity from customers, as well as additional companies reaching out to us to enable them to reach their audiences via mobile devices.”