Augme Technologies Has ‘Targeted’ Vision for The Future of Mobile Marketing

On Monday, Augme Technologies announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 8,219,642 entitled “System and Method for Adding Targeted Content in a Web Page.”

Why is this significant? For starters, because it makes “targeted” and “marketing” equal partners in the headlines. And it reminds mobile marketers that the value of their marketing is also closely tied to how well they target their messages and the recipients of those messages.

Augme’s intellectual property portfolio now totals 13 issued patents.

“As the utilization of our AD LIFE platform to power mobile marketing campaigns accelerates, we will continue to add critical functions that fortify our market leadership position,” commented Fred DuFresne, Senior Advisor at ipCapital Licensing Company and a member of Augme’s Advisory Board. “We are able to isolate, commercialize, and patent around these concepts and innovations to create IP-protected capabilities with far reaching coverage across numerous key verticals.”

The new patent adds foundational claims, and includes a priority date of October 28, 1999 and coverage through 2019 that broadens Augme’s already strong patent coverage involving the delivery of targeted, localized, and interactive content to mobile and Internet consumers.

According to Paul Arena, Chief Executive Officer of Augme Technologies, “This new patent accelerates Augme’s continued pursuit of innovation in the mobile marketing and mobile advertising space and the continued growth of our IP portfolio.”