Audience Attribution Comes to Mobile Advertising with Kochava

Audience Attribution Comes to Mobile Advertising with KochavaAccording to a new report from Mobile Advertising Watch, the team at Kochava — a mobile attribution analytics and optimization company —  is pushing forward with their newest offering called Audience Attribution.

Billed as being a whole new way for advertisers to understand their customers’ behavior across devices and platforms, Audience Attribution gives mobile advertisers “the power of cross-device attribution and targeting to reveal incremental attribution lift, all while maintaining the high standard of security and privacy.”

Kochava says that most attribution models use a single-device identifier to represent a person who is served an ad. “In today’s reality of heavy multi-screen, multi-platform usage,” however, “users are not accurately represented by a single-device ID. Kochava created the audience attribution model to overcome this limitation.”

With Audience Attribution, advertisers can, for the first time, view and correctly attribute installs to ads served on one device that also drive incremental installs across various devices in a household. This audience-specific data allows advertisers to attribute the whole household, exposing the real reach of an ad, versus a single attributed user and several “organic” installs.

“Savvy advertisers know their mobile ad is reaching more than just the person who installs, or is impacting more devices than the one that converts, but up until now they had no way to measure that influence,” says Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “That all changes with Audience Attribution. We’re essentially exposing a whole new segment of influence-based installs that were falsely attributed as organic, and new KPIs, like household LTV, are all of a sudden a reality.”