AT&T’s Smart Phone Mania

AT&T’s iPhone is its shining smartphone star, but the telecom giant’s new lineup of phones for Spring to be unveiled at CTIA may give it’s Apple sweetheart a run for its monthly phone bill.

Today, AT&T announced a new lineup of smartphones and quick messaging phones that make it easier for customers to message their friends and family. Keep your eye out for the Nokia E71x and Samsung Propel, two more options in the fast-expanding AT&T smartphone category.

“Smartphones and quick messaging phones are no longer for early-adopters and text-happy teens,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.

According to, AT&T continues to see strength in next-generation phones. “Buoyed by the growth of its wireless business and the popularity of Apple’s iPhone, AT&T is even forecasting low single-digit revenue growth during 2009, despite an increasingly tough economy.”

AT&T is also debuting the Samsung Impression, Samsung Magnet, LG Xenon and Neon to lead the new lineup of quick messaging phones and expands the number of full-keyboard mobile phones in AT&T’s lineup to seven. Pictures of the new lineup are available at