AT&T’s Nick Bianchi on Cross-Platform Marketing: Tailor Content to the Platform

When eMarketer’s Maria Minsker sat down to interview Nick Bianchi, the Director for Social Media at AT&T, a hot topic was cross-platform marketing.

Cross-platform marketing has been essential to AT&T’s efforts for some time. In fact, the company created its #RoadTripATT campaign to reach people across multiple social properties.

“During the summertime, people are on the road with their families, taking vacations, and it was an opportunity for us to entertain our customers while they’re sitting in the backseat,” Bianchi explained. “We wanted to get them involved in a campaign by incorporating strong calls to action, integrating influencers, and producing visual content on Instagram.”

How did the cross-channel design work?

“While the majority of content lived on Instagram, we had calls to action on Twitter, sponsored pieces on Facebook and blogger influencers supporting it through their own blogs and content,” he said.

The strategy worked.

“The conversations generated around 37 million impressions for #RoadTripATT, and approximately 145,000 engagements, which is pretty high,” Bianchi said. “These were generated by strong calls to action [on our social properties]. The bloggers and Instagram influencers resulted in an additional 2.7 million impressions and an additional 137,000 engagements.”

All told, one thing’s for certain, according to Bianchi. Content isn’t one-size-fits-all anymore.

“You can try to develop a golden thread [to permeate] a campaign, but it really requires building the right content for the right platforms,” Bianchi advised. “The Instagram target user is going to want a different type of content than the Facebook user. You can have a cross-platform campaign, but the content has to reflect what the user on a specific platform expects.”

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