AT&T’s New Mobile Apps Aim to Better Serve Businesses

With a stated understanding that the field worker of today is often a company’s “front-line” to customers, AT&T announced today that it is introducing pdvConnect to help businesses deal with the new realities of the modern age.

pdvConnect is a set of cloud-based mobile apps that gives businesses and organizations (large or small) the ability to document events in near real-time by speaking, taking photos and sharing location information at the point of service.

pdvConnect from AT&T allows employees in the field to perform voice-based reporting with photo documentation enabling faster and more coordinated responses to issues and requests from their dispatchers and call centers.

AT&T says these apps bring efficiency, management, and speedy information flow to businesses in retail, transportation, manufacturing and utilities, which often employ large field teams as part of their operations.

“Businesses are constantly communicating back and forth with their mobile workforce in the field, losing precious time as they coordinate activities for services,” says Chris Hill, Senior Vice President of Advanced Solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. “With pdvConnect from AT&T, customers can shave time off their communications with the field and expand the efficiency and productivity of their workforce.”