Attention Mobile Marketers: Moms Want Their Mobiles

Attention Mobile Marketers Moms Want Their MobilesA new study is confirming that which many mobile marketers already know — moms are excellent, receptive targets for relevant mobile marketing messages.

The findings published this week from the 2014 BabyCenter US Mobile Mom Report show that moms are dependent like never before on their mobile devices for communication, research, and shopping.

“This study builds on early BabyCenter research, which found that Millennial moms are more likely than their Gen X counterparts to live their lives on mobile,” Julie Michaelson, Vice President of Sales at BabyCenter, is quoted by BizReport. “Pairing that finding with these new survey results, one can only imagine that the mobile movement will continue to gain momentum with moms, and that it will become more and more critical for brands to make mobile a top priority in their marketing mix in order to reach them.”

A summary of the report’s findings is available here.