Attention Location Marketers: Holiday Shoppers Pick Low Prices Over Driving Distance

Attention Location Marketers Holiday Shoppers Pick Low Prices Over Driving DistanceWith more and more shoppers turning to the Internet this time of year for their shopping needs, you might be surprised to find that the majority of shoppers would still drive out of their way in order to get a slightly better deal on something on their shopping list.

While the entire tide of consumerism seems to be trending toward convenience, when it comes to saving money, most people are still willing to be a little inconvenienced.

Parago’s new research revealed that consumers will drive more than ten minutes out of their way in order to get the deal. Rodney Mason, the CMO of Parago, said, “With the holidays fast approaching, retailers are looking for new ways to increase foot traffic and account for the shift to online retail. They know customers have high expectations for deals when they come in store, but what they may not know is that customers will drive a bit further to find those deals.”

“With rebates, retailers can offer these deal-hungry customers the very lowest price, but also protect margins, unlike across-the-board discounting or online price matching,” Mason adds.

All told, about 81% of consumers would drive 5–10 minutes out of their way for a $10 rebate on a $50 item. About that same percentage wishes that they could use their smartphones to submit possible rebates.