AT&T Wireline Employees in Southeast Still Without Agreement

Ahead of the weekend, AT&T announced without pleasure that wireline employees represented by the Communications Workers of America failed to ratify a three-year contract for the AT&T Southeast region.

According to details revealed in the announcement, the contract covers more than 22,000 AT&T wireline employees in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

AT&T was admittedly disappointed, calling the failure to reach an agreement an “unfortunate” outcome given “the very fair and reasonable contract” presented.

AT&T says it will continue to work to reach an agreement.

Employees ratified two smaller contracts with the CWA covering AT&T Billing Southeast and Southeast Utility Operations.

The two smaller contracts collectively cover about 400 AT&T wireline employees.

AT&T wireline employees represented by the CWA earlier ratified, on August 17, three-year contracts for the Midwest region and AT&T Corp. collectively covering approximately 19,000 AT&T wireline employees.