AT&T Unveils New Mobile Solution for Local Governments to Connect with Communities

Improving connectivity between local governments and their communities is the goal of AT&T’s latest effort.

AT&T has launched what it’s calling an easier way for small-to-mid size governments to connect with citizens virtually anywhere or anytime using a mobile device.

Introducing AT&T Community Central, a cloud-based mobile application that enables government entities “to more effectively and dynamically communicate with citizens.”

Community members can use a smartphone or tablet not only to access helpful information such as maps and directories, but also to immediately report city-related problems. The application also allows local governments to quickly respond to instant feedback from citizens on general issues.

“Mobile technology is redefining the way government agencies connect with their community, and we’re helping to make this process more efficient,” explains Mike Troiano, Vice President of Advanced Mobility Solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T Community Central helps local government simplify communication through a device found in the pockets and purses of on-the-go citizens.”

To learn more about AT&T Community Central, click here.