AT&T to Introduce Shared Data Plans This Month

On Monday, AT&T announced that it is following Verizon’s lead into shared data plan territory.

AT&T’s “mobile Share plans” will be available as of Thursday, August 23, 2012.

“As families prepare to send students back to school, many are looking for a convenient way to connect tablets and laptops or add new smartphones,” says AT&T’s chief marketing officer, David Christopher. “AT&T Mobile Share plans are a great option.”

The process of plan selection begins by determining how much data will be needed. Packages range from 1GB to 20GB. Up to 10 devices can be connected to one account.

The 1 GB plan costs $40 per month, 4GB will be $70, 6GB will be $90, 10GB for $120, 15GB for $160, and 20GB for $200 per month.

Adding a smartphone to the 1GB plan will require you to cough up an extra $45, although this added fee is incrementally smaller when you’re adding a phone to a larger data plan.

To learn more about the plans, check out AT&T’s new splash page teasing the arrival of shared plans later this month.