AT&T to Begin Limiting New Customers to Unlimited Text Plans

AT&T calls the move a concerted effort to streamline its texting plans.

Critics say it’s another example of a mobile carrier providing fewer options to its subscribers.

No matter which party you agree with or support, it doesn’t change the reality that AT&T is changing its options for text message plans once again.

As of Sunday, August 21st, new AT&T customers will only have two options for their texting plans: unlimited (starting at $20 per month) or pay per text.

An AT&T representative confirmed the change today, adding that the overwhelming majority of new customers prefer the unlimited plans anyway.

The latest change marks the second time AT&T has restricted its text messaging plans this year. In January, AT&T ended its 200 messages for $5 per month plan, along with its 1500 messages for $15 per month plan.

But as Techland reported in an attempt to strike a positive tone about the subject, “the good news for smartphone users is that between Facebook, Twitter, IM apps and Apple’s upcoming iMessage, it may some day be possible to whittle down your own text messaging until you don’t need an unlimited plan.”