AT&T Taps Five Cities for 4G LTE

AT&T is moving ahead with plans to introduce its high-speed 4G LTE service. The carrier announced this week that it will roll out the service in five select US cities beginning this summer.

The announced cities are: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta and Chicago.

Although just a handful of cities will be included in this initial trial-run, AT&T says its 4G LTE network will be extended to another 10 cities before the end of 2011.

Earlier this year it was rumored that AT&T would bring 4G LTE network coverage to LA and New York as part of the first wave of roll-outs. That supposed plan, however, no longer seems to apply.

“We’re positioning to deliver a great mobile broadband experience in the near term with HSPA+ and a growing LTE footprint,” AT&T CTO John Donovan said upon announcing the plan.

Although AT&T did its best to hype the new service as an industry-first, Verizon remains well ahead of AT&T on the launch of 4G LTE coverage, as Verizon has extended coverage to 45 cities to date, including New York and Los Angeles.