AT&T Surprising Subscribers With Pace of 4G LTE Expansion

Earlier this week, following AT&T’s most recent 4G LTE expansion, a number of mobile industry analysts and AT&T subscribers marveled at the pace with which the nation’s second largest carrier is rolling out the updates.

But as it turns out, AT&T wasn’t finished impressing for February yet.

On Thursday, the big blue carrier confirmed activation in several new markets, including Lincoln, Nebraska and Lubbock, Texas. Service was also expanded today in Hartford County, Connecticut and Phoenix, Arizona.

“Today’s LTE expansion isn’t exactly the largest we’ve ever seen from AT&T,” says Alex Wagner of Phonedog, “but we’ve already seen the carrier spread out its LTE network on multiple occasions in the month of February, so at least AT&T subscribers know that their operator is rolling out new and expanded LTE service on a fairly regular basis.”

Shortly after Wagner went to press with news of AT&T’s 4G LTE activations in Nebraska and Texas, the carrier flipped the switch on several more areas, including Marble Falls, Burnet, Bertram and Round Mountain, Texas. Existing LTE coverage in Corpus Christi, Texas has also been expanded to surrounding regions.

Has AT&T delivered 4G LTE to your market yet?