AT&T Rolls Out U-verse Easy Remote App

AT&T on Wednesday introduced some new improvements to all things pertinent to AT&T U-verse. Specifically, the carrier is making it easier for U-verse TV customers, including those with disabilities , to control their TV.

Unveiled this week was the new U-verse Easy Remote App, which is now available in the iTunes store.

The innovative U-verse Easy Remote App lets customers easily use their iPhone or iPad as a U-verse remote control.

The communications juggernaut says AT&T U-verse is the first major TV provider to allow customers to use voice remote control capabilities.

Among the features touted in the formal announcement by AT&T:

  • A voice command feature that lets you choose a show you want to watch by simply saying the show title or channel number into your device.
  • iPhone’s VoiceOver screen reader, enabling you to hear TV show and channel information as you scroll through your programming guide.
  • Gesture commands, which allows you to control shows you’re viewing with different gesture movements.
  • One-touch access to closed captioning.

“Most Americans rely on their television as a critical source of news and entertainment and it is important that these resources be made accessible for all users,” says Larry Goldberg, director of WGBH’s Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM). “It is great to see an app like Easy Remote apply many of the universal design features that improve access for customers both with and without disabilities.”

To see the technology in action, check out the video released by AT&T here.