AT&T Putting Network’s Petal to the Metal Sunday in Limited Launch of New 4G Network

Buckle up. AT&T wants to take your mobile network for a spin this weekend with the initial launch of its faster fourth-generation data services.

Available in select test markets beginning Sunday, the 4G LTE network is good to go. As it presently stands, the network will debut in five cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texas. The test-range covers some 70 million people.

Verizon, the largest mobile operator in the United States, was the first to deploy LTE.

Although serious doubt remains that AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile will be approved by federal regulators, AT&T says the acquisition is essential to further the expansion of 4G LTE service into rural areas across the United States.

In late August, AT&T announced it’s first LTE offerings: an LTE mobile hotspot and an LTE laptop dongle.

No LTE smartphones have yet be released by AT&T.

LTE data plans for mobile broadband devices will run you $50 per month for 5 GB. Overage charges will be $10 per GB over the 5-GB limit.