AT&T Named America’s Fastest 4G LTE Network

According to the expressed opinion of PC Magazine, AT&T’s burgeoning 4G LTE network is the fastest in the nation.

Results of tests in 30 U.S. markets by PC Magazine show AT&T wireless customers are benefiting from “blazing-fast” wireless Internet speeds.

AT&T’s network secured top rankings in all six U.S. regions observed in the study: Northeast, Southeast, North-Central, South-Central, Northwest and Southwest.

All told, AT&T’s network ranked first in 24 of the 30 markets tested.

“AT&T is on top of the world this year with the fastest LTE network in most major cities,” said’s lead mobile analyst Sascha Segan. “Combined with a fast HSPA network where it doesn’t have LTE coverage, that makes AT&T our choice this year for speedy mobile data.”

Not surprisingly, the carrier was thrilled with the recognition.

“This PC Magazine honor is another important third-party validation of our network quality. We’ve listened to our customers, we’ve invested heavily and worked hard, and today’s news again validates that AT&T offers an outstanding network, device portfolio and value,” says Kris Rinne, AT&T senior vice president-network technologies.