AT&T Goes Mobile with Launch of AT&T Hello Lab

mobile-devicesOn Thursday, AT&T announced the launch of what it calls AT&T Hello Lab, a year-­long project featuring 10 digital creators at the forefront of mobile entertainment.

“AT&T Hello Lab marks an evolution of community-driven content from AT&T, moving toward an unprecedented, long-term commitment to co-creation in the influencer space,” the company says.

In collaboration with Fullscreen’s Strategic Content Group, AT&T Hello Lab will connect internet mega­-influencers to their communities through innovative content series, live experiences, albums, giveaways, podcasts and more.

From YouTube superstars and social media sensations to rising talent innovating on new platforms, AT&T Hello Lab “brings together creators who are passionate about connecting with their fans in deeper, more meaningful ways.”

The AT&T network will power AT&T Hello Lab’s immersive mix of cross platform programming and live experiences which will live across influencers’ respective channels and will be designed to uniquely engage their audiences.

“Today’s generation of digital-first creators form extremely powerful connections to their legions of fans. Marketers need to respect and enhance that connection in order to make an impact with their brand message,” said George Strompolos, CEO of Fullscreen. “With Hello Lab, AT&T is taking a longer-term, collaborative approach to content creation and marketing that adds value to both the creator and the fan. This is how it should be done.”