AT&T Extends Mobile Marketing Lifeline to Small Businesses

Help is on the way. That’s the message from AT&T to America’s small business on Wednesday as the carrier confirms its latest effort to shore up the mobile faculties of its small biz customers.

“In order to meet the growing customer demand for integrated marketing solutions,” the company says, “AT&T is extending Mobile Barcode Services to its small business customers.”

According to the recent AT&T Mobile Marketing Survey, three out of five small businesses are planning to increase their investments in mobile marketing in 2012. And AT&T wants to help business owners carry through on these plans.

With AT&T Mobile Barcode Services, small businesses can take success to another level by adorning everything from business cards to storefronts and products with rich, scannable marketing content. The free AT&T Code Scanner mobile application for both consumers and businesses uses smartphone cameras to scan barcodes.

AT&T estimates that 44 million people have a scanner app on their mobile device. Of those 44 million, 20 million are “active users.”

“Further,” AT&T asserts, “more than a third of respondents in the AT&T Mobile Marketing Survey have featured mobile barcodes in their marketing materials, with 60% of those having found barcodes to be very or somewhat effective.”

“Mobile marketing has been a driving force for small business success, and with the explosion of smartphone use, it is more important now than ever for small businesses to actively engage consumers and gain market share by using a variety of mobile platforms,” said AT&T executive Chris Hill. “AT&T Mobile Marketing solutions enable small businesses to create customized marketing programs and content to help deliver added value to their customers.”