AT&T Building Out 4G LTE Android Portfolio

AT&T is rolling out the red carpet to welcome three new 4G LTE Android smartphones – the Galaxy Express, Galaxy Rugby Pro, and the Galaxy Note II.

In addition to the smartphones, AT&T is also acquiring a new 4G LTE Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 2.

Obviously, AT&T is getting particularly cozy with Samsung and will make these and other devices available in the coming months.

All told, AT&T is on pace to have a fantastic quarter. In addition to seeing strong sales of the new Apple iPhone 5, AT&T’s relationship with Samsung is only growing stronger.

Samsung Mobile remains the top mobile phone provider in the United States, based upon reported shipments, according to Strategy Analytics.

In addition, Samsung Electronics Company is still the top smartphone provider worldwide, based upon reported shipments, according to the same source – Strategy Analytics.