AT&T, Apple, Sprint Restrict Employee Vacations Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

AT&T is planning for the looming iPhone 5 release by ensuring that all hands will be on deck when the 5th generation Apple smartphone drops in early October.

Similar to Apple and Sprint’s reported employee vacation blackout periods next month, AT&T has begun doing the same.

Sources at one AT&T retail location in Chicago tell Mobile Marketing Watch that the rumor mill is correct about this one. The AT&T retail employee vacation blackout period extends from October 3rd through October 14th.

As of this writing, however, it still isn’t known if the iPhone 5 will be available in stores as of October 4th, the scheduled date of Apple’s media event, which will ostensibly introduce the next-gen smartphone.

Further heightening the suspense ahead of the product launch is the fact that it remains to be seen what role Sprint will play in the iPhone’s immediate future.

While the iPhone is currently exclusive to both AT&T and Verizon in the United States, Sprint is expected to begin carrying the new iPhone shortly after its market introduction.