AT&T, Apple Slapped with Lawsuit Over MMS

A lot of iPhone users and mobile marketers were certainly disappointed with the longer-than expected wait for MMS service to become available for their beloved handset through AT&T.

But, until now, no one was actually willing to file a lawsuit over it.

Over the weekend, however, a class action lawsuit was filed as a result of Apple and AT&T promising MMS service in summer. As we all know now, though, MMS wasn’t officially rolled out until a few days into the actual start of fall (September 25th, 2009).

An individual named Kyle Irving of Minneapolis filed suit hoping to “punish Apple and AT&T” for failing to provide MMS by “late summer” as promised.” Irving is seeking unspecified damages.

Irving’s lawsuit will be lumped together with other suits filed in Louisiana and Ohio, thereby making it a class action suit. His lawyer, however, says that even if the suit is won, it’s highly unlikely that Apple or AT&T will be forced to cough up any large sums of money to “injured parties” although battling it out in court could incur a substantial expense for the giant companies.