AT&T Aims to Bolster the Mobile App Experience

The nation’s second largest wireless carrier is touting a new relationship with Modo Labs.

As a result of the partnership, AT&T has enhanced its Mobile Application Development (MAD) portfolio to help organizations quickly launch and easily manage mobile applications using open source technology.

AT&T confirmed the partnership and its aims earlier this week in a public statement about the underlying efforts.

AT&T has amplified its comprehensive suite of products and services that help businesses and organizations to design, build, deploy, and manage dynamic mobile applications. Modo Labs offers the flexible technology necessary to rapidly develop mobile-first portals and intranets, as well as the mobile communication tools that can keep employees connected.

“We’ve been providing mobile application strategies for several years and, as of the end of 2012, had more than 54,000 business customers using mobile applications,” explains Mike Troiano, Vice President of Advanced Mobility Solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. “Our relationship with Modo Labs will help us to provide a unified mobile experience and makes it possible for audiences in the business and education markets to engage and interact through a personalized and intuitive mobile application.”

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