AT&T AdWorks Provides ‘Blueprint’ for Improved Audience Targeting

AT&T AdWorks has just introduced AT&T AdWorks Blueprint as the newest advancement in modern audience targeting.

When it comes to ad spending, AT&T is no lightweight. The company, in fact, is the nation’s fifth biggest ad spender. As a result of its ad prowess and power, the telecommunications behemoth is capitalizing on data obtained from its own digital advertising to empower other marketers purchasing inventory via AT&T’s AdWorks business.

“AT&T AdWorks Blueprint enables the delivery of relevant messages to advertisers’ key audiences across each screen,” says Mike Welch, president of AT&T AdWorks. “This exciting new way of reaching audiences was developed by AT&T AdWorks, in conjunction with the world-renowned AT&T Labs, and will help advertisers better find, engage and understand their audiences.“

AT&T AdWorks Blueprint uses anonymous AT&T data from online, mobile and TV users, overlaid with key insights provided from third party data providers.

This platform allows advertisers to deliver the most relevant messages to consumers, reducing the number of irrelevant ads typically seen while surfing the net, browsing mobile devices and watching TV.  Without the use of personally identifiable information, AT&T AdWorks Blueprint campaigns utilize anonymous AT&T data to deliver useful advertising that is applicable to the lives of consumers.

“We’re both an ad network and an advertiser … our ads show up in thousands of websites that go beyond our network. The nice thing about that is we can leverage that learning,” Maria Mandel Dunsche, head of marketing and media for AT&T’s AdWorks,” tells AdAge this week.

There are presently some 70 million AT&T mobile subscribers at “the core” of AT&T’s mobile ad offering.