@Pay at The Top of Emerging Mobile Payments Companies

atPay at The Top of Emerging Mobile Payments CompaniesIn recent months, the mobile payments industry has exploded to new heights, making overnight stars out of upstart companies that were built to compete across today’s highly competitive landscape.

One company in particular – @Pay – is emerging faster than most and cementing its place as a key player in this fast-evolving industry.

Recently, MMW caught up with John Killoran, President and CEO of @Pay, to discuss his company’s inspiration, growth, and aspirations.

MMW:  What was the inspiration or motivation for starting @Pay?

Killoran:  A couple of years ago, I was trying to buy a bunch of toys for my 11 and 12 year old at Christmas.  I’m not a big shopper but that night I was trying to buy a lot of stuff.   It was so annoying going through  checkout cart after checkout cart.   I must have put my credit card information in 20 times along with all the other information.  It was very frustrating.   I had a big headache when I went to bed.   I jumped out of bed at 3 am and realized that one of my other inventions (Autopilot: an email based IMS) could do a checkout from email.   It was exciting.  We have been going 100 miles per hour ever since.

MMW:  Since launching @Pay, what have you found to be the biggest challenges facing the emerging mobile payments industry?

Killoran:  It is just too hard to buy from a mobile device.   It is a pain in the neck to remember passwords and usernames. Just too many to remember.

MMW:  With @Pay becoming a well-respected player on the competitive mobile payments landscape, what do you feel is the ultimate strength of your company and its solutions?

Killoran:  No passwords or usernames.  Just two clicks from email or web. That simplicity sets us apart.  Plus, since we work from email, there is no app to download.

MMW:  As a provider of a highly secure payments platform, do you feel that concerns about the security of mobile payments are overblown among some consumers?

Killoran:  Very much so.  Credit card companies do not let you be charged for things bought on stolen card information.  I don’t see much risk.  However, we see the concern as an opportunity for us, we do not allow any credit card information to be in the email (so it can’t be stolen) and our emails eliminate the potential to be fished.

MMW: What innovations or aspirations are on the horizon for @Pay?

Killoran: We have some big things happening.  I can’t really tell you about generation 2 except that it will include a beautiful shopping cart abandonment option.  Send an email to your customers with the items that they abandoned, and then give them a two click opportunity to buy some or all of them.

MMW: If someone is looking for a solution like that which you provide, why is @Pay the way the go?

Killoran:  Implement our java script on your website (which is very easy). Then, when you email offers to your paying customers, they can buy your product in two simple clicks from any email device.  Most importantly, they can buy from their smartphone in two clicks (where 70% of all email is being read these days).    It is crucial to complete the deal from a mobile device.   If you don’t close the deal from the mobile device, you will lose them.  Only 2% of email is reopened on another device.  You need @Pay because web checkouts take too long on a smartphone, that is why abandonment rates are above 90%.   Use @Pay and you can sell products to your customers on their smartphones.  We have clients who get conversion rates that are 35% higher.   Use us and you will sell more products.

To learn more about @Pay, visit their official website here.