Associated Press Planning to “Revive The News” Through a Mobile News Network

It’s a heartbreaking fact to some but a reality to all. The printed newspaper is quickly becoming an antiquated relic of our parents’ generation. With more people than ever getting their news from websites and other mobile services, ad revenue in publishing has spiraled downward in recent years in virtually every major market. To compensate (and survive) financially capable newspapers have launched flashy corresponding websites to offset reduced readership.

Now, the godfather of the publishing world, The Associated Press (AP), has announced a partnership with Verve Wireless, a wireless publishing platform, that will “power the public foray of its AP Mobile News Network.”

As it appears, the AP mobile service will provide web-enabled cell phone users a central location for local, national and international news that is “tailored to smart phones.” The AP formally plans to launch this beta program later this quarter.

According to the AP, “The Mobile News Network will include news contributed by AP members and affiliates. While the beta network was non-profit, the public version shall be ad-supported. Advertisers may target nationally or locally.”

The service, which was developed as a cost-reducing tool for participating newspapers, is the first offering to be released by the Digital Cooperative, an AP service developed to “avail new digital outlets to news and information providers.”