Asian Mobile Marketing Firm Making Major Waves

A top Asian mobile marketing firm is making waves and headway in its industry today.

“We are going to see a lot more headlines like these out of Asia in the coming years,” independent business analyst Mike Randazzo tells MMW. “Consolidations, mergers, and investments in the industry will dominate the mobile news cycle.”

Global MobileTech, Inc. – a provider of location based mobile marketing and user community based platforms – confirmed today that it will take a 30 percent stake in a new joint venture company, MaxCents Sdn Bhd.

MaxCents is undertaking the development of an ad funded location based mobile and online community portal in West Malaysia. MaxCents will combine discounted offerings from its advertisers along with the opportunity for its community members to contribute to charities of their own choosing.

“Global MobileTech views this joint venture as an important step in the strengthening of its mobile marketing product offerings,” said Mohd Aris Bernawi, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. “The joint venture will initially target approximately 3.0 million Malaysians who are involved in the country’s oil palm sector. Our technology has proven that it is an ideal solution for building mobile marketing based on the common interests of a community.”