As Mobile Email Viewing Increases Substantially, Will India’s Consumers Respond?

As Mobile Email Viewing Increases Substantially, Will India’s Consumers RespondThere are two things that can be said about email marketing in the United States; it’s become a bit blasé because it’s been used so frequently, but it still works.

Yes, it’s a traditional marketing channel that doesn’t feel cutting edge, but it’s still being used by many innovative companies as they deal with the challenges of struggling to stay creative and get in front of as many eyes as possible.

In developing countries however, email marketing is still relatively new and, in countries like India, where more and more people are now opening and reading their email on mobile devices, the opportunities are growing fast.

Portio Research, for example, says that there’s been a 20 million user increase in India in the last year alone, equaling nearly 90 million users who are opening and reading their emails on some type of mobile device. Their data suggests that, by 2018, this number will rise to over 200 million users (You can see their chart courtesy of eMarketer here).

What that means for marketers in India, as well as many other developing countries, is simply this; a gigantic opportunity to reach consumers on their mobile devices.

When you consider the private nature of mobile devices, and the fact that more and more people in India and around the world are making purchase decisions without leaving those devices, including smartphones and tablets, the opportunity is definitely real, and wide open for those marketers who decide to effectively use email to take advantage of it.