Are You Ready for the Holiday Smartphone Smack Down?

Are You Ready for the Holiday Smartphone Smack DownEvery year, technology companies save their best smartphone releases either for, or just before, the holidays. Both Samsung and Apple, who have been the two leaders in the smartphone industry for the past couple of years, have definitely taken to doing this. Both have just released within the last few months the latest refreshed versions of their flagship devices just in time to have been adequately marketed by Black Friday.

But what about all of the other companies that produce smartphones (and there are others). Many of them are also releasing their newest phones just in time for the holidays, making that third spot (inevitably behind Apple and Samsung), up for grabs. Who’s going to snag it this year?

Some data seems to indicate that whoever puts out the most money on marketing is going to win big. But in reality, it is more likely to be who the operators decide to push. Samsung and Apple both have strong relationships with most networks, but there is a pricing war going on with T-Mobile at the center. Many people believe that companies like Apple and Samsung are driving plan prices upwards, and that straying to a company (or to a less expensive phone) will help to keep networks honest.

Many of the other companies have started teaming up against Apple and Samsung, using each other’s technology and focusing on what separates them from these two more popular companies.

If you’re not an Apple or Samsung product buyer this holiday season, which device are you springing for and why?