Are You Giving The Gift of Mobile Apps This Holiday Season?

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? There’s an app for that. Well… the app is the gift. At least that’s what Apple thinks is the perfect solution for your holiday shopping quandaries. What better gift to give the mobile addict than an app you love — or one you think they will love?

Following a lengthy discontinuation of the program, Apple is bringing back an iOS feature that lets users purchase and send mobile applications (including games) as gifts to fellow iDevice users.

The Send Gift functionality in the Apple App Store looks and feels a lot like Apple’s 2012 introduction of Passbook-enabled Apple Store gift cards. In other words, users can select when their purchase can be received as a gift by the recipient. You can set a timer for the app gift to be given for upwards of 90 days after your initial purchase of the app.

This time around, the Send Gift feature even allows for multiple recipients. So it’s easier than ever to give everyone the same app.

Will you be gifting apps and games to friends and loved ones this holiday season? If so – or if not – we would love to hear from you. Please weigh in with a thought or comment below about the role apps will play in your holiday shopping season.