Are Wearables Ready for The Workplace? New Study Says Yes

Are Wearables Ready for The Workplace New Study Says YesAccording to the findings of a new research report — “Putting Wearables to Work: Insights on Wearable Technology in Business” — wearables “are seen as a strategic platform for improving business performance and are an expanding area of investment.”

The study by Salesforce Research demonstrates “how adopters of wearables are planning to incorporate wearables into day-to-day business processes to improve productivity and connectivity among employees and customers alike.”

The study uncovers key insights from five areas surveyed: strategic significance, projected areas of growth, trends in devices, the impact of data insights, and the importance of an expanding app ecosystem.

Although clear challenges persist (Thirty percent of adopters, for example, cite the lack of business applications as a primary challenge in deploying wearables), opportunities and interest abound. According to a report summary, smartwatches will have the biggest impact and the quickest adoption rate in the enterprise among those surveyed. In fact, 62 percent are using, piloting or planning to use smartwatches in the enterprise in the next two years.

Want to know more? Check out the full report here.