Are Publishers Finally Getting Paid (Enough) for the Efforts?

Are Publishers Finally Getting Paid Enough for the EffortsThey’re the lifeblood of the mobile ecosystem. In fact, without the steady stream of creations from the world’s hardest-working mobile app developers, it’s difficult to fathom how leading mobile platforms like iOS and Android would have been able to richly thrive as they have in recent years.

Unfortunately, most publishers have never been appropriately rewarded for their often ingenious creations. But that reality may finally be changing.

“According to the latest research from Pollen VC, since late 2014, there’s been a notable jump in the overall number of app developers who can now earn a decent buck monetizing their apps,” says Randy Dahlke of MAW.

“The number of publishers making between $1K and $5K monthly has increased 12% to reach 6,300 publishers in April 2015, up from 5,600 in September 2014,” the researchers admit. “And the good news for indie developers just gets better. The graphs below show how the number of developers in several income brackets has increased since September last year.”

So just how well are publishers doing for themselves? Check out the visual below for more insight.