Are Groupon’s IPO Plans on Hold?

According to a report published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal, clues are mounting as to Groupon’s future plans to go public.

As Mobile Marketing Watch reported back on June 2nd of 2011, Groupon has already begun the legal process to go public with appropriate filings that will eventually take the burgeoning brand to Wall Street.

The largest provider of online coupons planned to raise $750 million in an initial public offering, giving shareholders a potentially lucrative crack at the daily-deal market.

But according to new reports, Groupon may now be among the hot new Web companies “having second thoughts about whether now is a good time to go public.”

In recent days, Groupon has not only canceled its investor roadshow, but sources close to the company say Groupon management is “reevaluating plans for an initial public offering in the face of stock-market volatility.”

By no means is it being suggested that Groupon will altogether reverse its intention to go public. Instead, Groupon may simply delay the initial public offering until market stability makes a return in some fashion on Wall Street.

A spokesperson for Groupon declined to comment.

Nearly three years old, Groupon has grown at an accelerated pace in partnership with local merchants. But in recent months Groupon has taken massive lumps and losses amidst a growing sea of new competitors entering the daily deal market.