Are Facebook’s Mobile Ads Actually Reaching Anyone?

This is not the type of headline Facebook executives want to read on a regular basis.

Following Friday’s Wall Street debacle where Facebook’s stock fell to a new all-time low at $22.28, another persistent thorn has reared its head as Facebook struggles to turn around a 40% drop below the company’s May’s IPO price.

On Monday, EyeTrackShop published a new report drawing even more attention to Facebook’s purported ongoing inability to monetize its mobile presence.

As highlighted by All Facebook, the EyeTrackShop study examined ads with different placement surrounded by identical content on a desktop, an iPhone, and an iPad.

It found that users with iPhones (and, by extension, other smartphones) were the least likely to see ads on Facebook, with only a 3 percent to 13 percent chance of being seen if they were located “below the fold.”

Unlike desktop ads, which were “the second destination respondents turned their eyes to,” mobile ads “were seen by fewer people, with less time spent on them and significantly lower recall.”

So… are Facebook’s desktop ads really more noticeable than Facebook’s mobile ads to you? Please weigh in with your thoughts or opinions below.