Are ‘Business Relevant’ Tweets The Next Big Thing in Social Media?

Ever hear of something called “business-relevant tweets”? Probably not. But you may soon.

Analytics software company FirstRain has announced the release of FirstTweets, the world’s first solution for extracting business-relevant Twitter intelligence for sales, marketing and senior leadership teams.

FirstRain, if you’re not familiar, prides itself on delivering real-time industry- and customer-specific information to uncover revenue opportunities, including customer developments, industry trends, news, market analysis, emerging themes, etc. According to the company, FirstTweets “delivers the information directly into CRM systems, social enterprise platforms, iPads and other mobile devices.”

And the innovative social media creatures behind this latest endeavor hope that business relevant Tweets may prove consequential across business world for those looking to filter through the noise

“Like the browser did for the Internet and the iPod did for digital music, FirstTweets is a breakthrough technology that takes a powerful, yet time-consuming capability and harnesses it for practical, daily use. FirstTweets collects and organizes business-relevant intelligence from Twitter, which until now has been a time-consuming and unorganized burden on the business professional,” says FirstRain CEO Penny Herscher.

“For the first time, busy executives will have the ability to easily and effectively access the incredible wealth of customer and industry intelligence flowing through the Twitter stream every day. FirstTweets solves the major challenge of Twitter for most business professionals: how to get real, daily business value from Twitter without living a Twitter lifestyle.”

Do you think business-relevant tweets are the next big thing in social media?