Apsalar Creates Buzz with Mobile Marketing ROI Tool

On Thursday, the mobile marketing community was buzzing with talk of a new offering from Apsalar, a provider of mobile engagement management solutions to myriad companies of differing sizes.

Yesterday, the firm announced the launch of Campaign Source Insights, a fresh resource in mobile app marketing and campaign optimization.

According to details presented in the formal announcement, this solution is “the only one” in the market that is both free and that tracks actual revenue from users generated from each traffic source.

Now marketers can evaluate their user acquisition, offer and advertising campaigns by the revenue generated from any and all traffic sources, including ad networks and exchanges, incentivized download networks, email campaigns and more.

Apsalar says that regardless of the traffic source type, if a marketer tags it with an Apsalar redirect link, the marketer can track the campaign and its performance in one, centralized dashboard.

“Campaign Source Insights is a game changer for the mobile app industry,” says Chris Dury, CEO of GetJar. “We’ve seen strong demand from our advertising customers for this, and we’re delighted to be able to deliver it by offering Apsalar’s solution. Every serious app marketer needs to be using this so that they know they’re not wasting their marketing spend.”

To learn more about this new resource from Apsalar, click here.