AppsFlyer Touts ‘Multi-Touch Attribution’ Analytics for Mobile Marketing Campaigns

AppsFlyer Touts 'Multi-Touch Attribution' Analytics for Mobile Marketing CampaignsBig news for mobile marketers from the team at AppsFlyer.

Now app marketers can track all ad touches that contributed to an install, not just the last touch that can lead to wrong advertising decisions

That’s the announcement from the leading mobile marketing attribution and analytics platform, according to the briefing provided to MMW this morning.

AppsFlyer is busying hyping the impressive release of its new “Multi-Touch Attribution” tracking tool, which is billed as being “the first solution to help application marketers track every source that contributed to a new user.”

Existing solutions only report on the last touch source that a consumer interacted with before installing an app, but AppsFlyer’s “Multi-Touch Attribution” tool gives credit to other sources that served at least one ad to a consumer and likely contributed to their decision. “Multi-Touch Attribution” is now available for all AppsFlyer clients as a new report within the AppsFlyer dashboard.

“The advertising industry understands that consumers are typically exposed to relevant ad messages throughout their user journey, starting from brand awareness activities all the way to direct response. Until now, app attribution solutions have operated under the assumption that the last touch is the only one that matters,” said Oren Kaniel, co-founder and CEO of AppsFlyer. “There is nothing random in our world. For every client action, there are likely to be a number of triggers besides the last touch that played a role in influencing the consumer, and our new ‘Multi-Touch Attribution’ tool allows advertiser to make the right decisions based on facts and not on assumptions.”

To learn more about what AppsFlyer has to offer, check out the company’s official website here.