AppsFlyer Helps Marketers ‘Pivot’ and Make Progress by Excelling without Excel

Ahead of the weekend, MMW was briefed by AppsFlyer – a leading mobile attribution and marketing data analytics company — on the launch of Pivot, a new reporting interface that allows marketers to save time and effort by delivering highly-customizable marketing data analysis from within the AppsFlyer analytics dashboard.

Pivot’s drag-and-drop interface provides marketers with immediate answers to many of their most complex questions, analyzing up to 100,000 rows of aggregated data with increased speed and efficiency, reducing the need for offline tools like Microsoft Excel, the company tells us in a provided statement.

“For any marketer, one of the biggest challenges is standardizing and aligning front-end and back-end data for the purpose of making spend optimizations and decisions,” said James Peng, Head of Mobile and Social Acquisition at Match Group.

“Pivot makes our ad network optimization process about 10% faster, and our typical day-to-day activities reviewing trends and performance activities more efficient by about 15%,” Peng adds. “We use insights from Pivot for a wide range of efforts, from dashboarding to fraud checks to campaign optimization. This tool is valuable for the industry and has allowed us to shift our attention from piecing together data from our ad networks to acting directly on the insights that should be sourced at the genesis of the data, the attribution provider, to begin with.”

To learn more, check out Pivot here.