AppsFlyer Advances Fight Against Mobile Ad Fraud

Ahead of the long holiday weekend, AppsFlyer — a global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics — announced Active Fraud Insights 2.0, setting what the company calls a new marketing industry standard for mobile fraud detection.

The Active Fraud Insights 2.0 platform, we’re told, leverages metadata from 98 percent of the world’s mobile devices, as well as proprietary technological advances in big data and machine learning to both detect and prevent the most advanced types of mobile fraud, like DeviceID reset fraud, install hijacking, click flooding and more.

Coinciding with the launch of the product, AppsFlyer also addressed the responsibility of ad networks to combat mobile fraud, announcing an initiative to regulate the AppsFlyer ecosystem with a review of its 2,500+ integrated ad networks to ensure they are “minimizing fraudulent traffic being sent to marketers.”

“Over the last two years, the scale and sophistication of mobile fraud has grown at an alarming rate,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer. “Thanks to AppsFlyer’s scale, we are in a unique position to detect and prevent mobile fraud faster and more consistently over time than anyone else in the industry. Further, since actions speak louder than words, we are going to regulate the AppsFlyer ecosystem and will remove bad actors from our platform in order to protect our clients — the marketers. As such, we are beginning an ongoing review and audit of all our integrated ad networks, ensuring they are aggressively doing everything in their power to minimize fraudulent traffic being sent to AppsFlyer clients.”

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