appMobi Rolls Out storeView for Improved App Store Analytics

With analytics tools becoming increasingly important to developers and mobile app advertisers, appMobi today announced something called “storeView,” a new, free, cloud-based reporting service for PhoneGap and hybrid HTML5 app developers.

According to the announcement Tuesday, StoreView aggregates and displays detailed app analytics across all the most popular app stores in a single dashboard.

With the explosion of new cross platform app development, developers are increasingly posting their apps to multiple app stores. Each of the app stores uses a different method to report sales and activity, creating massive fragmentation.

In a nutshell, the new offering from appMobile aims to eliminate this “App Store Fragmentation” issue. And in case you’re wondering, storeView is a completely free cloud service.

“As game and app developers have begun to leverage HTML5’s ‘write once, deploy everywhere’ power, the issue of app store fragmentation has emerged as these apps have become successful across multiple stores and platforms,” said Sam Abadir, appMobi CTO. “We experienced this issue ourselves with Boom Town, the first massively cross platform HTML5 game, currently available in 7 different app stores. We also realized just how little information is provided by many of the app stores. For example, the only analytic provided by Apple’s App Store and Google Play is download count – that’s all they can tell you about your app! We created storeView for internal use and found it to be an invaluable tool. Now we’re giving it away for anyone who’s using HTML5 to create apps.”