appMobi Raises $6M For Cloud-Based, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Platform

appMobi, a startup that fills an interesting niche within the mobile application development space, today announced a $6M series B round of funding to continue building its cloud-based mobile application development framework.

The startup has built what they call an “XDK,” which they describe as a “cross-platform native app development tool that addresses ten times as many potential developers as native development tools.”  Unlike native tools, the XDK uses standard web languages like HTML (and HTML5), CSS and JavaScript to create native apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets (with more devices coming soon).

Beyond centralizing development to one cloud-based environment, appMobi has also baked in comprehensive simulation and debugging capabilities that go far beyond any other mobile development system.  Apps can be rapidly tested during development using the XDK’s built-in emulator, or the developer can test on the actual device using WiFi and appMobi’s unique “test container” app.  Test versions of the app can even be emailed to colleagues or clients anywhere in the world to test using appMobi’s cloud-based test container.

As mobile development in general becomes more fragmented and OS iteration continues to speed up, cross-platform development providers that leverage the cloud will start to play a huge role.  appMobi said it will use its latest cash infusion to hire more engineering staff as well as bolster marketing and promotion efforts.