AppLift Releases Real-Time Industry Benchmark Dashboard On DataLift 360

MMW learned Monday that AppLift — a leading mobile ad tech company — has launched a powerful new reporting dashboard on its unified platform, DataLift360.

We’re told that the proprietary benchmark dashboard offers further transparency and measurability in the app advertising ecosystem, allowing advertisers to compare themselves against industry benchmarks and optimize performance in real time.

The new reporting dashboard comes shortly after AppLift announced its fraud-fighting suite, Fraud Buster, thereby offering more control and transparency to the advertisers.

“App advertisers often perceive they are lacking relevant benchmarking data to compare their app advertising against similar apps’ strategies,” said Tim Koschella, CEO of AppLift. “At AppLift, we believe that knowledge is power and that benchmarking best equips advertisers to adapt their strategies more flexibly. Our industry benchmark dashboard lets advertisers gain insights on whether their pricing strategy and the resulting install volumes are competitive when benchmarked against industry peers, and to strategically use these insights to optimize their campaigns.”

AppLift’s DataLift360 is the first mobile DSP to offer such a granular, anonymized, real-time and indexed industry benchmarking. By enabling an extensive LTV-reporting tool, and now the industry benchmark dashboard, AppLift’s platform provides transparency by highlighting where advertisers may need to improve by bidding higher, adding additional supply sources or switching to a dynamic performance-based pricing model.

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