AppLift Issues New Mobile Ad Fraud Report

On Thursday, MAW provided an in-depth first look at a new report from AppLift, a leading mobile advertising technology company.

AppLift has just released a new study — “Mobile Advertising Fraud: The Next Battlegrounds” — revealing international fraud distribution data.

“As a leader in the mobile ad space, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to not only focus our efforts on detecting and fighting ad fraud, but to also share our learnings with industry peers so that we can all better understand the risks and fight fraud together,” said Tim Koschella, CEO of AppLift. “As exemplified by the findings in this report, our fraud detection team meticulously studies each campaign for fraud risks to help advertisers make the most of their spend and gain high-quality users.”

Findings include:

  • Countries with the most amount of impression fraud on RTB
    • India: 31.29%
    • Indonesia: 21.23%
    • Singapore: 18.18%
  • Countries with the least amount of impression fraud on RTB
    • Hong Kong: 4.13%
    • South Korea: 5.48%
    • Germany: 6.23%
  • App Categories with the most fraudulent activity
    • Entertainment: 22%
    • News: 22%
    • Education: 21%
  • App Categories with the least fraudulent activity
    • Parenting: 2%
    • Shopping: 3%
    • Travel: 7%
  • Most prevalent types of fraud in 2017 — More complex and sophisticated types of fraud have evolved that occur along the click and install/post-install levels: Ad Stacking, Click Injection and Click Stuffing being some of the most prevalent and damaging manifestations of fraud that the industry is facing today.

For the full report, click here.