Apple’s Retail POS Crashed Nationwide on Thursday

Apple's Retail POS Crashed Nationwide on ThursdayOn Thursday, disaster struck Apple at the point of sale.

As we understand it, Apple’s retail point of sale solution has gone dark. And there’s no word on when the system will begun functioning normally.

If, however, the matter isn’t resolved by tomorrow, Apple may want to call the team at PayAnywhere or any reliable provider of mobile payment processing for that matter. because the longer Apple’s retail POS is down, the more money the tech giant is going to lose.

Since this morning, shoppers visiting Apple retail stores have been unable to make purchases or even pick up items ordered through Apple’s online storefront. Consequently, the glitch is delaying a huge number of potential transactions.

And with the iPad mini with Retina display freshly introduced to consumers this week, the timing for this outage couldn’t possibly be worse.

“The company reported an average of $50 million in revenues per store for the fiscal fourth quarter of 2013, or just under $50,000 per hour, assuming an average operating time of 12 hours per day,” Apple Insider reported today. “With 253 stores in the United States, that means the glitch may have already cost Apple as much as $25 million.”