Apple’s ‘Plastic’ iPhone 5C May Drop Siri for September Launch

Apple's 'Plastic' iPhone 5C May Drop Siri for September LaunchSiri won’t be hearing the phrase “See you in September” when Apple formally introduces its forthcoming iPhone 5C next month.

Current chatter indicates that Apple’s low-cost, entry-level iPhone 5C will be unveiled on September 10th. But in order to create and mass-produce the most affordable iPhone to date, the rumored plastic iPhone will be forced to relinquish Siri.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suspects Apple will drop Siri as a means to reduce the internal muscle – and corresponding cost – of the “plastic iPhone.”

Munster tells investors that he believes the 5C will sell for $300 or less.
In effect, the iPhone 4S will be retired as the low-end model in Apple’s portfolio. The iPhone 5C will take its place.

Siri, of course, isn’t leaving the iOS ecosystem. It will definitely be there for the iPhone 5S, which may be released in conjunction with the iPhone 5C.

With regard to the iPhone 5S, Munster’s expectations differ very little from other analysts.

“Munster’s expectations for the next-gen iPhone are ‘minimal,'” writes Lance Whitney of CNET. “He said he believes the new phone will feature a fingerprint sensor as a way to unlock the screen. But he doesn’t think the sensor will allow users to tap into secure mobile payments. Instead, he said he sees such a feature debuting in the next version of iOS in 2014.”