Apple’s New iPhone Inventory May Fall 25% Amidst Production Problems

With all the hype surrounding Apple’s new 6th iPhone reportedly coming next month, the last thing Apple needs is to encounter a hitch in production.

But it looks as though this is what happened.

A new report out of Asia indicates that projected initial shipments of a new iPhone in the third quarter of 2012 may dip to under 15 million units – not a small number, but roughly 5 million units below Apple’s desired initial production run.

So what is causing all the headaches for Apple? According to a well-placed source speaking with Digitimes, “low yield rates in the production of in-cell touch panels.”

“Issues related to the poor yields of in-cell panels have been cited previously as possibly disrupting Apple’s shipping schedule for new iPhones,” the source admits. “The latest rumors indicate that Apple has recently redesigned a connector at the bottom of the new iPhone and that yield rates of the new connectors at Foxconn International Holdings have been low due in part to insufficient supply of some key materials.”

Apple is still expected to release the new iPhone on or around September 12th.